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Tianjin Hotels

Tianjin Hotels 5star

  • Location:3 km to Exhibition Center
  • Ruiwan Jinjing contains International Business Center, and is known as a fiver-star hotel dealing with international commerce, food and ...Details
  • Location:north of the Beijing-Tianjin-Tanggu Express Way
  • The Hotel is equipped with a full-time kitchen staff, set to deliver top-of-the-line food to our guests. Has three restaurants as well ...Details
  • Location:Tianjin Economic Technological Development Area
  • The hotel is located in the heart of one of China's best managed economic development zones, TEDA (Tianjin Economic Technological Develo...Details

Tianjin Hotels 4star

  • Location:the busiest commercial area
  • The Tianjin Hotel is in the busiest commercial area of Nanjing Road. It has easy access to major traffic networks in the city and is sl...Details
  • Location:Tianjin Economic Development Area
  • Teda Hotel is located in what is called The Golden Area, centering in finance trade in the Tianjin Economic Development Area. This hote...Details
  • Location:near to Tianjin Railway Station.
  • Astor hotel is a four-star hotel and history museum. The hotel is located on the Haihe River in Tianjin and has undergone for than a hu...Details

Tianjin Hotels 3star

  • Location:commercial center
  • Tianjin Friendship Hotel is rated as a three-star location, and is centered in the commercial and shopping areas of the city. Staff is ...Details
  • Location:Fang North Road Tianjin
  • The Imperial Palace Hotel in Tianjin is the first boutique hotel. Constructed in 1923 by a British merchant it combines British and Ori...Details
  • Location:near to the railway station.
  • The Tianjin First hotel was the first hotel in Tianjin, constructed in 1922. Contains the decoration and modern convenience that intern...Details

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