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Lhasa Hotels

Lhasa Hotels 5star

  • Location:City Business and Commercial Center
  • Situated in Wenjiang District, right near the scenic Lhasa riverside and Gong Ba Ri Mammon Mountain, the Brahmaputra Grand Hotel, a chai...Details

Lhasa Hotels 4star

  • Location:Near the Potala Palace
  • Situated at the intersection between South De Ji Road and Jiang Su Road, the Century Grand Hotel is close to the scenic Lhasa River and ...Details
  • Location:400 meters to the Potala Palace
  • La Sa Hong Feng Hotel is a sub-four star hotel with a mixture of Han Nationality and Tibetan Culture. It is located in the center of Lha...Details
  • Location:Close to the center of Holy Town
  • A 4-star hotel, the Lhasa Hotel is located in the Holy Land of Lhasa with an altitude of 3,600 meters. It occupies 7-floors and was rece...Details

Lhasa Hotels 3star

  • Location:City center
  • Situated on Middle Beijing Road, in close proximity to Zhe Bang Temple, the largest temple in Lhasa, and Potala Palace, the Lhasa Centur...Details
  • Location:Downtown
  • The Minzheng Fuli Hotel is a three-star hotel located in the downtown area, right next to the Lama Temple. Boosting a elegant environme...Details
  • Location:Center of Lhasa
  • Renovated by the Tibetan Broadcasting Station according to three-star standards, the Tibet Hongshan Hotel is conveniently situated in th...Details

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