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Nanchang Hotels

Nanchang Hotels 3 star

  • Location:JingGangShan Avenue
  • Located at the crossing of Hongcheng Road and JingGangShan Avenue, the GuoMao Hotel is just an half and hour drive to Changbei Airport a...Details

Nanchang Hotels 4 star

  • Location:Around Simamiao Cross-bridge
  • Situated between Simamiao Cross-Bridge and Tanziri Cross-Bridge, and near the famous Shengjin Tower, the Regal Hotel is an international...Details

Nanchang Hotels 5 star

  • Location:the heart of Nangchang
  • Just 3 km from the railway station and 30 km away from Changbei airport, the Jiangxi Hotel is a 5-star hotel situated in the heart of Na...Details

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