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Lijiang Hotels

Lijiang Hotels 5star

  • Location:Scenic spots area
  • 3 km away from Lijiang and 35 km from the airport just north of the Municipal Administration Square and east of Dayan Lijiang, the Guanf...Details
  • Location:transportation area
  • Designed by MO & Associates, who are internationally renowned architects, the Treasure Harbour International Hotel is a 5-star hotel...Details
  • Location:ancient town
  • Vienna Lijiang International Hotel is a first 5 Star Naxi national culture theme hotel and is invested and managed by Shenzhen Vienna H...Details

Lijiang Hotels 4star

  • Location:world Heritage Ancient Town-Lijiang old city
  • Situated in the historically and culturally rich town of Lijing, the Jade Dragon Hotel is unique for its incorporation of Naxi and local...Details
  • Location:South Gate of Ancient Town
  • Stressing a uniquely simple yet homely feel, the Lijiang Wangfu Hotel's architecture and service is inspired and rooted in local culture...Details

Lijiang Hotels 3star

  • Location:ancient town
  • Managing to successfully blend traditional Naxi culture with modern facilities, the Ancient Town Inn is surrounded by beautiful scenery,...Details
  • Location:old town of Lijiang City
  • Following the simple, traditional designs of the Naxi culture, the Nanmen Hotel is situated near the scenic Shiji Mountain and White Hor...Details

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