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Huangshan Hotels

Huangshan Hotels 5 star

  • Location:HuangShan Golf Club
  • The Huangshan Golf Hotel is a brand new 5-star hotel, located just 2 km east of Huangshan Airport. Truly grand and luxurious, the hotel...Details

Huangshan Hotels 4 star

  • Location:On the top of the mountain
  • The Xihai Hotel is a new 4-star hotel located in the Xihai (West Sea) Scenic Spot. The only joint-venture hotel in Xihai, the West Sea H...Details
  • Location:in the center of Tunxi
  • The Huangshan Guomai Hotel is a internationally recognized four star hotel located in downtown Huangshan. Covering a total area of twen...Details
  • Location:Beihai Scenic Area
  • The Beihai Hotel is a 4-star hotel located near the Eastern Steps. This is the best hotel for those who wish to catch the sunset or sunr...Details

Huangshan Hotels 3 star

  • Location:in the center of Huangshan city
  • Located near the City Government in Huangshan and within walking distance of Old Street, Oriental Business Hotel's convenient location a...Details

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